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Heat Training Your Natural Hair


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Heat train your natural hair can maintain it as straight as possible. Most of the people use heat styling technique for making their hair straight as it will consume very less time. This is the best way for treating a thick as well as coarse hair that is considered to be very difficult to maintain.
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First use a little amount of hair coil all over the hair from top to end and cover it using plastic cap. Leave the hair under the plastic cap for about fifteen minutes and then use mild shampoo for washing your hair. Make sure that the shampoo has been completely removed from your hair before moving to the next step. Spread a deep conditioner all over the hair and use a hairdryer on the hair for around 15-40 minutes before rinsing the hair once again using cold water. Make four sections in your hair and keep them separated using hair clips. Take the hairdryer along with comb attachment for drying the hair and make sure to use it over the hair in sections with cool setting. Then spread coconut oil on the hair before using the flat iron with less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the flat iron on one inch hair section by pressing it over your hair twice till the hair becomes straight. Use the same technique on the remaining hair sections and style the hair as per your desire. Now the hair will remain straight even after it gets washed.

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