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Toning Down Your Blonde Hair


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Toning down a blonde hair can give a lot of problem to most of the people if they don’t do it in a proper way. There are chances of taking out lot of pigment from your hair during this process. One of the most important way to tone down your color in the hair is by using a toner or a color gloss.
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First you must find out the toner that is suitable for your hair as it is mainly dependent on underlying hair color. In case your hair highlighted hair looks too much brassy try to use purple-based hair toner for reducing the orange color and if you hair looks light as well as select the pigment with ash-based hair color. Glosses can be temporarily used on the hair and it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals to damage the hair during the process. But a toning foam can be semi-permanent that will last on the hair for some time. Before starting the styling process, make sure to read all the instructions written on the toner and follow it with a proper way. Wear hand gloves while using the toner on the hair and start using it over the crown on your head before moving toward the root of your hair. Once your hair gets saturated fully with the toner cover it with plastic cap for at least twenty minutes. Then rinse your hair as normally you do and style the hair as per your wish.

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