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Creating Waves In Fade Haircut


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Getting a fade haircut can be very interesting, but you can also make it look more unique by creating waves in it. By creating waves in the fade haircut you will be able to add a completely new texture into the hairstyle and it can be done by just using pomade. You must get proper training before cutting the hair in this way or just go to a hair specialist when you are doing it for the first time.
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Begin your hairstyling process with a fully shampoo washed hair and make sure to use a proper hair conditioner all over the hair. Then take generous amount of pomade to use it over the hair when it becomes completely dry. Now your hair will look as though it has white hue and keep the towel under the hot water. Next wring the towel and place it over your hair for 2-3 minutes and try to put a little amount of pressure using your hand over the head to make the pomade soak in your hair. Start combing the hair evenly after taking the towel out of the head and begin the strokes from the crown of the head and move towards end of the hairline all around your hair. Now you can use the doo-rag to cover the hair and go to bed with it. Just use the same technique at least one or two times in a day to achieve the waves in your fade haircut.

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