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Methods To Make A Frizzy Hair Flat


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Having a frizzy looking hair can be disturbing for most of the people as it is very difficult to control. You can make the frizzy hair to become flat by using few simple styling methods which can be helpful in maintaining it in a proper way. The best thing to do for making the frizzy flat is by consulting a hair specialist who can cut your hair in layers with the help of thinning shears.
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Try to cut the hair in the same way once in 2-3 weeks to prevent damaged hair ends as they are the main reason for the frizzy hair. You can also wash the hair using a shampoo that can control the frizzy hair and also use conditioners that can smoothen the hair. Another way to control the flatten the frizzy hair is by using anti-frizz hair serum all over the hair once it becomes slightly damp after hair wash. The most use method for making the frizz hair flat is with the help of a blow dryer. Try to use the blow dryer with low setting and also use a round brush to lift the hair near the root. Use a ceramic straightener after blow drying your hair and comb it with the help of wide-toothed hair brush. At last secure your hair into sections with clips and mist the entire frizzy hair with a spray to maintain it in the same manner for a long time.

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