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Methods For Highlighting A Wig


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Highlighting the wigs can be the simple way to get a unique looking hairstyle. But using color on the wig can cause damage to it and there are also wigs that are available with highlights. In case you don’t want to purchase the highlighted wigs, you can just sew colored extensions along with the wig at home to get the unique look.
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First keep the wig on the table and select the extension track that is lighter than the wig along with same length as well as texture. Divide a small section of hair from the wig with the help of wide-toothed hair brush which will be used for the highlighting process. After taking the hair section up, try to fold it and secure it in place using hair clip. Now pull the top hair extension over your exposed section and keep it just below the hair piece that was folded up. Remove the excess hair track by simply cutting it with scissors. Try to use a sturdy thread for sewing the highlighted extension and it must also match the wig color. You must stitch weave track along with the wigs exposed crosspieces vertically and secure it at the end by putting a knot. Use the same way for adding the weave on the wig in sections where it will be highlighted. At last use your wide-toothed hair comb to brush the wig, so the weave gets blended along with the wig.

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