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Methods To Prevent Tangled Weave


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Creating a tangle free hair weave can be a difficult job for most of the people. The weave are normally worn long as it can help to make the hair become thick. There are chances that the weave can become tangled often as it is styled very less. Most of the women wear it for months without touching it which can becomes the main reason for its tangle. It is important not to swirl the head around while getting the hair washed as it can cause tangles easily.
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The best ways to control the tangles in your hair weave is by misting it with detangling hair conditioner and wash it as usual. Then comb the hair from end to the scalp on the head using wide-tooth hair comb. Don’t brush the hair in a hurry as it can cause more tangles in them. Always use a soft shampoo to wash the weave as well as the scalp and try to massage it gently before getting the hair rinsed. Use deep conditioner on the hair from the end and move toward the scalp very gently without applying any pressure on the hair. Try to dry your hair with the help of a towel and apply a little amount of hair oil all over the weave by simply misting it from end to top. While going to sleep in the night use a satin pillow to lie down which can prevent the weave from getting tangled.

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