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Treating Damaged Hair After Straightening


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Lot of people want to make their hair look straight at some time in their life and while straightening the hair it can cause slight damage. You must follow few important steps to make the straight hair look good without any damages during the straightening process. Always apply the hair conditioner on the hair and comb it completely from top to bottom. You can also use hair gel than trying out the hair conditioner on daily basis to stay from hair damage.
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First give your hair a complete wash using clarifying shampoo which can help to take the chemicals out of the hair and make sure to use only cold water for rinsing the hair. Once the hair becomes dry, add a little amount of deep conditioner only at the hair ends and then move to the other parts of the hair. Next comb the hair to distribute your conditioner all over the hair including the roots. Now cover the hair using a normal shower cap and keep a hot towel over the cap for at least twenty minutes. After taking the hot towel out of your hair rinse your hair again using cold water and dry it using a normal towel. Brush the hair to get into the look and make sure to avoid using hair straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons away from the hair. You must also regular haircuts by going to a saloon for dealing with the damaged hair ends.

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