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Making A Short Wiry Hair Look Smooth


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Having a wiry hair can easily spoil your hairstyle and especially when it is too short you may a difficult time. There are few ways to make the short wiry hair look smooth without going to hair specialist. You must use just hair smoothing products and deep conditioner to make your wiry hair look completely smooth.
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First make sure that the hair has been washed as well as conditioned and leave the conditioner on your hair for minimum of three minutes. You must use a deep hair conditioner when the hair still wet and purchase the deep conditioner which has lots of oil, protein and vitamins as they can help to control the wiry hair by locking the moisture into your hair. Then rinse the hair to take the conditioner out and once the hair becomes dry, mist it with a leave-in conditioner. Brush your hair to make the leave-in conditioner to spread throughout your hair to control the tangles and moisturize your hair. Now you can use a smoothing serum all over the hair with the help of your hands. Start applying the serum from end of your hair and slowly move towards the scalp. Leave your hair to dry on its own and avoid using any type of heating tools for drying the hair. You must try to use a deep conditioner on the hair at least 3 times in a week to keep it smooth as well as controllable.

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