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Sideway French Braid


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A sideway French braid is the perfect hairstyle for a special event and it can be worn with all types of hair. There is no need to go to a hairstylist to get this look and you can easily achieve it at home without getting support from anyone. There are different variations in a French braid and this one can make anyone look really unique.
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To create this style at home, first you must brush the entire hair to make it free from tangles and spritz it with a hairspray before moving onto the next step. Then take 3 inch hair section over one side on the head just over your ear and divide it into three separate hair strands. Keep the hair strands separately without touching each other and start braiding them together just like creating a standard hair braid. You can cross left outside hair strand over middle strand and then right outside hair strand over middle strand. Continue this process and make sure to move towards crown of the head and away from the ear. After ending the braiding process, try to add the remaining hair with your hair and try to collect it a little loose while the hair in your braid goes over middle strand. After this you must work the braid toward the opposite ear in downwards and braid it as usual. At last use a spray to use it all over the hair which will make it stay in one place.

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