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Lightening Hair Using Box Color


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There are various types of styling process that is involved while making the hair color look light if you go to a hair specialist. But the same changes can be done at home with the help of a box color.  You can also make the hair look much lighter with the help of pre-lightening process before using the hair color.
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First take the bleaching kit and mix the product perfectly by following the directions. Then wear hand gloves and cover a towel around the shoulders. Next part the hair as 4 different parts and apply the color over the first part of your hair from root to end. You must try to cover each hair strand completely without touching the scalp of your head. Wear a plastic cap and leave it on for at least 45 minutes. The hair must become orange-red color before you try to rinse it using warm water. Use a deep hair conditioner that was provided along with the kit and leave it on for about five minutes before rinsing the hair as usual. Once your hair becomes dry, take the box color kit and mix the content in a proper way. Divide your hair once again as you did before and apply the hair color that must be 2-3 shades lighter compared to your actual hair. Make the color sit on the hair for around half an hour and use warm water for rinsing the hair fully before applying a hair deep conditioner.

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