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Using Wax To Create Hair Spikes


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Creating a spiked hair is very simple which can be done with the help of any styling product. But you can also achieve this look without going to a hair specialist using a wax. Even though the hair will become a little bit greasy after getting this look, but it will become normal once the hair becomes fully dry. You can get this spiky look just by using wax and you hands. In the beginning, the hairstyle may look difficult to achieve and with some good practice you can get it done within few minutes.
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First make the hair slightly damp using water and start applying hair wax all over your palms depending upon the length of the hair. Don’t use too much of wax on the hair as it will make it look bad and make it difficult to style it with spikes. Use your hands to spread the wax all over the hair and try to distribute it evenly throughout. Start pulling out the hair strands straight up towards the ceiling till it stands still. You can take how much ever hair strands to create the spiky look. After getting the look in a perfect way, leave the hair for at least fifteen minutes to set or until it becomes completely dry. Avoid using any type of styling tools for drying the hair as it can make the hairstyle look smooth. This style will look good if you have a short hair.

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