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Teased Scene Hairstyle


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A teased scene hairstyle is normally worn by those who want to make themselves look unique. Even though this style looks big and lot of time to create, it can be achieved in less than fifteen minutes. You must start the styling process with a clean hair and the size of your hair must be short to medium. You can also use hair accessories to make this hairstyle look completely different.
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Begin the styling process with a straightened hair which can be done by going to a hairstylist or by using a styling tool. Make sections in your hair and pull out first hair layers on top of the scalp line. Mist this part of your hair with a hairspray and try to brush it backwards from end till the root of your hair. Use this technique on the same hair section at least twice and secure it in place using a hair band. Try to brush the hair in the same way from below the section and do the same with the other 2-3 hair sections. Make sure that your hair becomes too big by simply teasing it with a brush. You can also use lot of hairspray to achieve this look and it can also give extra hold to the hair section. Try to tease the top layer of hair as gently as possible as it can give a little messy look. You can use hair accessories that match the hairstyle to end the hairstyling process.

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