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Synthetic Braid With Curls


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Synthetic braids can be the perfect hairstyle that can be worn for any events and most importantly without touching your natural hair. You can make this synthetic braids look beautiful by creating curls all over the hair. There are few simple techniques that can be used to create curls in your synthetic braids. Try to get some help if you are doing this styling for the first time and make sure that the synthetic braids are good enough to withstand the boiling water when you try to dip it inside.
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To start the styling, first take a pot full of water and make it boil. Pull put the synthetic braids from the packet and start rolling them only at the ends. You can also use the rollers that are suitable for using in a hot water. The time taken for tolling the hair ends usually depends upon the length of the braids. Try to dip the rolled braid inside the pot of boiling water and you must take it out after a minute. You can also repeat this process once again and make sure to cover the area around the boiling water pot with a towel. Then use a big towel to wrap your braids to make it dry fully. Once the braids become completely dry, you can take the rollers out of the hair very gently. There are other ways to create curls in your synthetic braids, but this method is very simple.

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