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Getting Hair Shine Treatment At Home


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Getting a hair shine treatment is very simple and it is also a sign that your hair is healthy. Most of the people want to make their hair look beautiful without going to a saloon as they may spend too much time as well as money. There are few things that can be used at home to achieve the shiny look.
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The first option is using tea and beer to get the shine treatment done on the hair. Take half cup brewed tea along with half can beer for rinsing the hair. You can also use the left out stale beer on the hair like a conditioner during the rinsing process. Make the rinse to stay on the hair for one minute to add shine to your hair along with a silky touch. Another option is applying baking soda on the hair and you can also use the same on the scalp to remove the dandruff. The hair will look dry when you apply the baking soda for the first time, but after some time it will become shiny. Try to use egg shampoo for washing the hair to make it look shiny than getting the other treatments. Take one egg and mix it with one tbsp olive oil. Then mix lemon juice along with half cup water and one tbsp castile soap in the egg mixture. You can use this mixture on the hair at least one time in a week to add shine to your hair.

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