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Making Your Braid Hair Stand Up Straight


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Creating a braid in your hair can give a beautiful and simple look, but you can make it look more amazing by following few techniques. The braided hair can be made to stick straight out of your head to create a completely new look. Make sure to give more attention to your hair during the styling process to prevent any damage to your hair.
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Before beginning the styling, comb the entire hair to take the tangles out and collect about three inches of hair near nape of the neck. Next take three piece of wire that can be floral or coated and make sure that each piece of wire must measure about two times more than length of the ponytail. Try tp pull the wire strip from hair elastic till its mid-point comes out through your hair elastic and both of your wire ends must meet near the end of your ponytail. Now create three parts in your ponytail and name them 1, 2 and 3. Place the wires in such a way that each of them match easily with the wire strip. Try to overlap section 1 along with the wire on section 2 and the wire. Then overlap section 3 along with wire on the section 1 and the wire. Next overlap section 2 along with wire on section 2 and the wire. Use this simple method till the end of your hair and secure them using a elastic band.

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