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Treating Bulk Hair After Haircut


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Having a bulk hair can be good for most of the people, but some of them want to remove this type of hair as it can make their hair course or frizzy. This can mainly occur due to a bad haircut that can be taken care without going to a saloon. There are different methods that can be followed while dealing with the bulk hair.
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Before taking a bath, spread a little amount of mayonnaise all over the hair and leave it for about half an hour. Then wash the hair as usual to get a thin look in your hair. You can also use hair products such as a shampoo and hair conditioner that can make the hair look smooth. After taking the bath you can also use the hair products that can make the hair look smooth as well as shiny. Once you come out of the shower, always remove the water from your hair using a normal towel and spread a smoothing cream all over the hair. Make sure to use these products from top to end of your hair. While styling your hair with a blow dryer, try to comb it as usual to make the hair dry. You can also use a curling iron for getting a flat look in your hair and it can also help to take the frizz out of your hair. Use a hairspray after your style the hair as per your wish.

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