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Hairstyle With Crinkle Dreads


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Crinkle dreads are the most unique hairstyle that is worn only by few people. This hairstyle is not different from the normal dreads, but they will look crinkled. It is easy to achieve a crinkled look with your dreads without putting any effort. Even though some of the hairstyle is commonly worn with the dreads, this one can give a special look of your wear it with medium to long dreads. Try to create the dreads in a proper way and then begin this hairstyling process. Once the dreads get the crinkled look, avoid using any type of hairstyling product as it can weigh down your hair.
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Before starting the crinkling process, try to wash the hair as usual and try to create braids with single plaits when the hair is still damp. It is important to maintain the hair damp to get the crinkle look very easily. The make leave the hair to become dry on its own with using any type of hairstyling tools. It can take more time if you have a long hair to get this hairstyle, so try to stay patient. Once your hair becomes fully dry, try to remove the braids out of the hair and see that the dreads will get the crinkled look. You can also see some of the celebrities wearing this type of hairstyle on the red carpet as it gives a very beautiful as well as different kind of a look.

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