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Creating Scrunch Look Using Mousse


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Creating a scrunch hair can give a natural look and it can be achieved by using various types of hairstyling products. One of the best products to create the scrunch look is by using mousse. The hair mousse is mostly used by many people to achieve different kinds of look as it will dry very soon after using it over the hair.
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To get scrunch look, first make sure that the hair is clean and then apply the entire hair with medium amount of mousse. Use your hands to spread the mousse all over the hair. You can simply bend down to make the hair to fall down towards the floor and use both the hands to apply the mousse. Try to press and scrunch your hair as you apply the mousse and shape the hair as per your desire. You must do this process at least 3-4 times to make the hair get the scrunched look. After spreading the mousse all over the hair, you must try to squeeze the hair section till the strands become dry. Keep a mirror in front of your face during the entire styling process to make sure that you are doing it in a proper way. Try to use a normal hair comb for styling the strands after applying the mousse and this will make the hair to arrange in a perfect manner. Stay calm while brushing the hair as it can cause hair damage.

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