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Removing Frizz From Hair Weave


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A weave hair can become dry that can cause frizz and you must treat the weave in a proper manner to maintain its structure. There are few steps that can help to prevent the frizzy looking weave without going to a hair specialist. Most of the people will think that the frizz can be very difficult to remove as it can cause hair breakage, but it mostly occurs due to the lack of natural oils. Always treat the hair weave as you treat the actual hair with proper hair products.
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First wash the entire hair weave and your scalp at least once in 10-14 days. Try to use the hair products that are gentle with your hair and it must not remove the moisture from your hair. Then use a hair conditioner all over the weave after washing it and try to leave the conditioner on for about 5 minutes before rinsing it as usual. Next use a hair smoothing serum over your weave and use straighteners on the hair strands to reduce the frizz. The best method for taking the frizz out of the weave is by using hair dryers and hair straighteners. But you must make sure not to use too much heat on the hair weave, so try to use it with low heat setting. The damaged cause to the hair weave using the heat styling tools cannot be treated, so try to use them in a perfect manner.

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