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Making Your Hair Straight With Cream


hair straight cream hair straight cream2
Using cream for making the hair straight is the best and simple process that needs no special steps. You can make the hair look straight temporarily with the help of creams that are usually heat activated. The cream can be just applied all over the hair to remove the waves or curls that can give a straight look to your hair.

First prepare the hair by washing it in a proper way before spreading the straightening cream. Then take the excess water that is left on the hair after washing using a towel and comb the hair strands using the bristle brush. Now take the straightening cream in your hand and start applying it over the hair. Use your fingers to brush the cream into your hair from root to end of your hair. Use only little amount of straightening cream to start the styling process and comb the hair with the bristle brush to spread the products all over the hair. Next separate your hair into sections and keep them in place using hair pins. Start using the blow dryer on the hair sections that was divided and comb the hair using round brush during the drying process. Use the blow dryer on one section at a time from bottom layer and move toward the scalp. Continue to use the blow dryer and round brush on the same hair section to make it dry fully before moving on to another section of hair.

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