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Adding Body To Layered Bob Cut


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Getting a layered bob haircut can give a beautiful look and in case you want to add more body into this hairstyle you can make it look more outstanding. There are different ways that can be followed to make the haircut thick and some of them can be done at home. Don’t over use any product over the hair as it can make it look bad and try to brush the hair till all the products come out of your hair.
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Start the process after misting the entire hair with volumizing hair after washing it as usual. Then use a blow dryer to make the hair dry and try to use it along with paddle brush. Next style the hair using your fingers and try to fluff it up a little bit near the roots by pushing its layers over. You can just use the hair layers to add the body to make it look a little messy. Now apply a little amount of matte styling product all over the hair sections only at the end which can help to add more texture as well as body into your hair. Use the same technique with your fingers to arrange the layers of your hair without using any more products till it gets more body which will make the hairstyle look thick. You can also achieve the same look by getting a proper haircut that is normally done by going to a hairstylist.

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