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Creating Spiky Look With Long Hair


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Creating a spiked hair can be very easy if you have a short to medium hair. In case you have long a hair then creating the spiky look can be difficult as you have to follow few important steps. This hairstyle can give a funky look if you try to create it with a long hair. You can get the spiky look with the help of a gel, hairspray and hairdryer. Use colored hair gel on the hair while creating this hairstyle to get a unique look.
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As usual start the styling with a clean hair and apply a hair conditioner. Make the hair to dry using a dryer and try to keep it try before moving further. Now you must know which part of your hair must be spiked and apply a generous amount of spiking gel all over the section. Next a small part in the hair section that will be used for creating the spiky look and keep it straight towards the ceiling for brushing it with a normal comb. Mist the entire hair section with a spray that can keep it in place. Use the hairdryer that was used for drying your hair before on the hair that was lift straight up. Try to use the dryer till the hair stands on its own to create the spiky effect. You can use the same method on the other hair parts that you would like to create the spikes.

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