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Moisturizing Dreads After A Bleaching Process


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The dreads can give a beautiful look, but you can also make it look completely different with a bleaching process. If you are planning to bleach the dreads, it can lose the moisture during the process that can lead to hair damage. Here are few things that can be used add moisture into the dreads after the bleaching process.
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Avoid washing the dreads with a shampoo on regular basis as it can remove the moisture from the hair. If you are planning to wash the hair with shampoo, then try to protect them with preshampoo process. To do this, first take four tbsp of jojoba oil and mix it with two tbsp of olive oil. Make the mixture to warm for about thirty seconds and apply it over the dreads. Leave the hair for 10-20 minutes with the mixture by wrapping it with a towel before washing the dreads with the shampoo. Another option is getting deep conditioning treatment at least two times in a week to keep the dreads moisturized. Try to leave the dreads to dry on their own without using any type of hairstyling tools that produce heat as they can reduce the moisture available in your hair. Stay away from any kind of chemical treatments for few weeks after getting the bleaching process done on the hair. Always use cool water for rinsing the hair after washing it and don’t use hair products that can damage your hair.

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