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Lifting Your Layered Bob Hairstyle


lift layered bob Sarah Harding
Adding lift to your layered bob can make it look thick and strong. Most of the bob hairstyle is made to frame the face and it can be worn with any face types. There is no need for using any type of special hairstyling products to achieve the lift in your bob as you can do this with few simple steps. You will be able to get more hairstyling options with your bob in case you add a little bit of lift in it.
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Before starting your process, try to purchase some of the styling products such as hair conditioner, volumizing shampoo, wide-tooth hair brush, hair dryer, Velcro rollers and hairstyling spray. First wash the hair using the volumizing shampoo before using the hair conditioner all over the strands from top to bottom of your hair. Then brush the hair using the wide-tooth hair comb which can help to make it completely free from tangles. Maintain the hair a little damp during the styling process and then mist the hair using the hairstyling spray. Use the hair dryer with medium heat along with vent brush for increasing the volume in your hair and make sure to pull it slightly up as well as back of the head. Now you can use the Velcro rollers for wrapping your hair about one inch section and mist the hair once again using the same styling hairspray. After leaving your rollers in the hair for 15 minutes, take it out very gently.

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