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Wearing Tiara With Hair Down


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A tiara is a perfect accessory that can be worn to make your hairstyle look beautiful. Most of the people wear a tiara with an updo, but you can also wear it by leaving your hair down. Try to follow a proper technique for wearing the tiara over the head with the hair down to make it look perfect. The tiara is mostly worn by brides, but you can also wear it over the head on other occasions.
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First use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair and make sure to flip the head down during this process. Try to dry the hair from the end and move all the way till your scalp. Now brush the hair with your fingers and mist it with a hairspray, especially over top of the head as well as near your face. Next keep your tiara on top of the head and try to make it face forward by slightly standing towards up. This will help the people to see your tiara on top of the head and in case you think it may fall from the actual place use few bobby pins to keep the tiara in place. At last use the same hairspray that was used before to mist the area that is around your tiara. Avoid using too much of spray as it can make it weigh down and don’t wear too much other hair accessories along with the tiara as it can make it look dull.

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