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Hairstyle With Lace Wigs


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Lace wigs are known as full wigs that are normally made using lace strips and it can also give a completely natural look after wearing. You must wear the lace wig in a perfect way so it will look just like your natural hair. Make sure to you don’t have any kind of allergies before wearing the lace wig
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First clean your hair and apply a hair moisturizer just one inch far from the hairline. Take the hair in one hand and secure it using hair pins. Now place a skull cap over your head and hold lower back of your wig foundation in your both hands. In case your wig is too long, try to bend forward for sliding it over your forehead and pull hair piece down to make it fall on the rest of your head. You can also slide it further in front of the natural hairline with the help of your hands and start cutting your lace back to make it match the shape of your hairline. Be careful not over trim, it is necessary to have a strip of lace to adhere to the skin. Use hair pins to secure the wig by pushing them gently into the hair. Try to lift lace netting over by folding it over and back before using adhesive around your hairline perimeter. Once the adhesive starts to get sticky, take the lace netting and press it gently into the hairline.

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