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Straightening Hair With BaByliss Pro


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There are different tools for styling the straight hair and one of them is the BaByliss Pro hair straighteners. This tool can be used to make the wavy or curly hair as straight as possible along with a smooth look. You must use this hair straightener also in a proper way to achieve beautiful looking straight hair.
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First apply heat protect hairspray all over the hair to protect it from heat produced by the styling tool. Then plug in the BaByliss Pro hair straightener till it reaches the temperature that your hair needs. Each hair type requires various temperature levels and you must know what level is perfect for your hair type. You must use less than 360 degrees if your hair is to thin, keep it less than 380 degrees in case the hair looks wavy and maintain it less than 410 degrees if the hair is curly. Once the straightener reaches the perfect temperature make a simple part in your hair about two inches. Then try to clamp the straightener plates at the starting point of the hair and make sure to keep it away from the scalp. Start gliding the hair straightener down your hair shaft at least two times to achieve straight looking hair. Use this method on the remaining hair strands to make it look straight. Don’t keep the straightener in your hair for a long time as it can make the hair to damage very easily.

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