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Adding Gloss To Hair At Home


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Hair gloss is a process that is used to make the hair look shiny. It can be done by using various types of hairstyling products, but there are chances that these products can cause damage to the hair. There are also few ways that you can achieve the same look by using homemade products.
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The first option is taking a tbsp malt vinegar and mixing it with castor oil as well as glycerin. Then include few drops favorite herbal oil in the mixture and apply it over the hair before taking the bath. Leave the mixture over the hair for at least twenty minutes and wash it by applying a normal shampoo. Use cool water for rinsing water at the end of your hair wash. The second option is mixing avocado along with olive oil and baking powder which must be about 1 tbsp level. Then apply the mixture all over your hair completely and leave it on for about fifteen minutes before rinsing the hair as normally you would do. The third option is mixing lemon juice in a cup of water and apply this over your hair before washing it as usual with a shampoo. You must use cold water for rinsing the hair at last. The fourth option is adding 1 tbsp vinegar in a bowl and mix it with 1 gallon distilled water. Use this water for rinsing your hair after getting the hair washed with a shampoo.

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