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Large Hair Updo


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A large updo can be worn for any special event and to create this hairstyle your hair must be thick as well as long. There are people including different celebrities who style their long hair in this way as it can give a very amazing look. You can use hair gel over the strands of your hair before starting the styling which can prevent flyaways. Try to add more volume into the hair before creating the updo.
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First make a small horizontal part over your head and secure top part of the hair over the head. Try to twist bottom hair from the roots vertically till the back of the head. Secure the twisted hair with bobby pins and make sure that there are no loose hairs left on top of the head. If you find more hair over the head, try to twist them again and wrap it like a bun. Now take the hair that is over the parted hair and brush it from end to the root. Mist the hair with a spray and try to tease them with the hair brush which can help to add more volume into your hair. Now use both the hands to create the large puff on top of the head. Try to tuck the ends of your hair like a bun and use the bobby pins to keep them in place. At last spritz the entire hair once again to get into the look.

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