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Straightening Black Hair Using Hot Comb


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Using hot comb on a black hair is very simple and this is the best method to make the hair straight without using chemicals. The hot comb produces heat to make the hair straight and it can stay in this shape for at least 2 weeks. Hot combs are available in two different types such as stovetop and electric combs. Here is a technique to use the hot comb on your black hair.
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Begin your styling with a perfect cleaned hair and also use a proper hair conditioner. The stovetop combs are not available with heat adjustment and the electric comb can be used by setting your preferred heat. The best thing to use it the electric comb as it is liked by most of the people. Before using the hot comb, try to apply a little amount of hair gel over your hair to prevent heat from causing any damage. Then create different parts in your hair using wide-toothed hair comb and secure each using hair clips. Now take the first hair section for brushing it gently using the hot comb from top to end and you can use the same method on the remaining hair section to achieve the same look. In case your hair doesn’t look straight, follow the same process once again to make it straight. Try to create curls at the end of your hair only if needed and this can be done using the curling iron.

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