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Methods To Color A Curly Hair


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Coloring hair can give a hard time of you are doing it at home and if you hair is curly it can make things more difficult. There are few methods that can be used to color your hair which is curly without getting into trouble and you can do this at home without any help.
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First purchase a natural hair color after knowing the tone of your natural hair color. Then decide about the color that will be used over the hair. You must bleach the hair in order to make the hair 2-3 levels lighter than its natural color. Also select the developer which must be of 10 volume and you can also use more volume to increase your hair color. It is always recommended to do a strand test before applying the color over your hair. Wear hand gloves during the coloring process and try to mist the color along with the developer as per the directions mentioned on the package. Use the color on the hair that is washed a day before the coloring process and make sure that your hair is completely dry before using the color. Apply the color over the roots of your hair if you have a curly hair and move at the end of the hair. Leave the hair to dry for some time and then get it rinsed as usual. Now you must use a hair conditioner to prevent frizz in your hair.

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