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Twisting Method For Cutting Bangs


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Bangs are some of the most unique looking hair strands that can be created with any type of hairstyle. There are different ways to cut the bangs in your hair and one of them is known as the twisting method which can be followed to add texture into your bangs without spoiling the look.
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First wash the hair and make sure that the hair is fully dry before beginning your cutting process. Make a small on the middle of your scalp and take the hair out that needs to be cut with the help of your comb. Secure the hair that will not be used for cutting at the back of the head. Now comb the bangs using the round hair brush and try to twist the bangs as many times as possible. Don’t pull the hair too tight while twisting the bangs and try to cut the hair near the bridge of your nose with sharp scissors. You can try to cut the bangs in the middle near your nose to maintain the bangs long. Keep the bangs with the help of your fingers after twisting it as per your desire before cutting the bangs out. Try to trim less hair at the first time and then do it very gently. Leave the bangs to fall on their own and use your finger to style it as per your wish. It is not possible to blend the bangs with long hair in this hairstyling technique.

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