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Combing Your Curl Weaves


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Making the curl weaves to look textured needs some heavy combing that can be done by following few important steps. Combing the curls very much can make it look frizz and if you are combing the weaves make sure to do it in a proper way. It is also very important to cover the hair with a cloth or a cap before going to sleep and you can also create loose braids with your hair by dividing it into different parts. Use human weaves to attach it along with your original hair to make it look natural.
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To comb the curl weaves out of your head, keep the hand in place of the joint where both the natural hair and your weave meet in one place. Take wide-tooth hair brush for combing the hair at the last point of your hair weave and try to lift it slightly by gently pulling. Don’t brush the hair weaves too much as it can cause damage to the actual hair. Leave the hair as it is in the night and try to comb it during the morning. Apply a little amount of hair conditioner over the hair in the morning and scrunch it with the help of your fingers. Always cover the entire hair with the silk scarf in the night to make the curls stay in its original shape. If you are using a synthetic hair weave, try to apply a moisturizing hair product.

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