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Treating Your Hair Using Vegetable Oil


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The vegetable oil can be used for treating the hair that is damaged due to perms and hair colors. You can easily restore the original luster in your hair with the help of the vegetable oil. This oil is also available in a store which is also known to be very cheap. You must use the oil for massaging the hair strands and scalp very gently without applying pressure that can make the damage more severe. Try to mix a hair conditioner with the vegetable oil to make it work perfectly.
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First take the vegetable oil for heating it and make sure that the oil is slightly warm before using it over the hair. Now take half cup vegetable oil and add a little amount of hair conditioner into it. You can also add coconut milk into the mixture which can help the hair to more sleek. Start applying the vegetable oil over the scalp and your hair. You must give proper attention while applying the vegetable oil over the hair strands to make hair follicles to stimulate. Let the oil stay on the hair for around five minutes and you can also extend the time if your hair is seriously damaged. Then use a normal shampoo at least twice for washing your hair and make sure that the entire hair becomes clean of the vegetable oil. Now you can go through your hair and it will look a little bt shiny after the styling process.

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