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Creating Choppy Ends In A Straight Hair


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A straight hair that has choppy ends can give a very trendy look and this style can be achieved by simply making a cut at a different angle. This hairstyle is most suitable for faces with oval shape and it can also add a little bit of movement when you create it with a thin hair. Try using normal scissors for cutting the hair in this manner and style the hair using little amount of styling gel.
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First shampoo wash the entire hair and maintain it damp during the styling process. Then take half inch hair section in the middle and forefinger to make it stand straight towards the sky. Keep your scissors about vertically down in the hair and at the middle part of your hair for cutting it in V shape. Use this cutting technique all around your head by taking half inch hair section to doing a triangular shape cut. Now you will have different hair lengths all over the head which can easily give a choppy look at the end of your hair. Try to use a small amount of hairstyling gel over your hair and mainly apply it over the hair ends to make it look textured. You must also twist the hair ends by using the gel which can increase the choppy look in your hair. If you don’t want to enhance the choppy style avoid using the hair gel at the ends of the hair.

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