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Using Olive Oil To Remove Color From Hair


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There are various styling products that can be used to remove the unwanted color from your hair. One of the natural ways to take the color out of your hair is by using the olive oil. This is the best method that can be helpful in removing the hair color without causing any damage to the hair. It is important to use leave-in moisturizing hair conditioner over the hair strands whenever you try to wash the hair with the shampoo which can helpful in removing the dryness caused after coloring the hair.
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To start the olive oil treatment, first wash the hair with hot water which can make the hair color as light as possible and then take half cup olive oil for heating it with the microwave for about ten seconds. Make sure that the olive is slightly warm and start applying it over your hair by massaging it over the hair roots and strands from top to bottom. Cover your hair using shower cap for about half an hour and try to wash the hair using a hair thickening shampoo which can help to make the cuticles to open by taking the color out of the hair. Now you can use a semi-permanent hair color in case the hair looks much lighter than you actually wanted to get it. Leave the hair for about 3 days after using this olive oil on the hair before coloring the hair once again.

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