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Treating Hair Loss With Cider Vinegar


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Hair loss is a very common problem among most of the people and there are different ways that are followed in treating this issue. One of the best and simple techniques that can be followed at home for treating the hair loss is by using cider vinegar. Here are few things that can be done with the cider vinegar.
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Start the process with a cleanly rinsed hair which must be done using the cider vinegar. Make sure to wash your hair as usual applying the shampoo before using cider vinegar for the rinsing process. Then comb the hair and use a blow dryer with low setting to make the hair dry. Another option is mixing cider vinegar along with sage tea for treating the hair loss which can be done after washing the hair. Mix equal amount cider vinegar as well as sage tea for rinsing the hair and then clean it using warm water. You can also take cider vinegar and mix it along with water that must be used for drinking at least 2-3 times during the day for 2 months. There are cider vinegar health pills that can be purchase from a food store and you can take it by following the procedures. Try to purchase the cider vinegar health pills that are made of natural products and not chemicals. There are also shampoos that contain cider vinegar which can be used for washing your hair on regular basis.

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