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Treating Hair After Japanese Straightening


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Getting a Japanese straightening treatment to your hair can cause a little damage due to the heat as well as chemical process that undergone during this period. It is important to take care of your hair in a proper manner once you undergone the straightening process. The most important thing that must be taken after the treatment is preventing any kind of moisture in your hair as the water has the capacity to reverse your straightening process.
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First leave hair without exposing to water after the straightening treatment and make sure to maintain the hair loose without securing it using any hair clips for at least 3 days. Then wash the hair using specialized shampoo before using the hair conditioner that is made for straightened hair. Stay away from swimming pools as they contain chlorinated water which can spoil the look. Also avoid coloring your hair for about two months after the treatment as they can more damage to your hair. Go to a hair specialist after 4-5 months once you receive the straightening treatment to make sure that the hair in a proper condition. Whenever you are going out of the house, mist the entire hair with products that have SPF to prevent damage caused by the sunlight. Try to use a deep hair conditioner on your hair at least one time in a week to keep the hair healthy. It can also keep your hair smooth as well as straight.

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