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Coloring Hair Using Carrot and Beets


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There are different natural products that can be used for coloring the hair. Some of the people also try to use carrot and beets for coloring their hair than spending too much money and time by going to a saloon. Both carrot and beets are the best products that can be used to color your hair at home. While styling the hair try to keep it away from your skin as it can color it as well. Before using the mixture of carrot and beets on your hair apply it over a small hair strand to make sure there are no allergies. Here are few steps that can be used for styling the hair with this simple mixture.
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To start the hairstyling, try to dampen your hair with water and then wear hand gloves to continue the styling process. Next take half cup beet and carrot for mixing together. Use the mixture to apply over your hair when the hair is still damp and leave it on for about one hour. You can sit in the sun to make the hair dry on its own and then wash the mixture from the hair. You can use a normal shampoo for washing the hair and make sure that it is completely free from all the ingredients used for styling your hair. You must use this method for several weeks to achieve the proper result on your hair and you can do this on your own.

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