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Styling A Blowout Haircut


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Blowout haircut is a very different type of hairstyle that can give a completely flat look to your head along with curly and wavy hair. It is important to use the blow dryer in a proper technique while styling the hair in this manner or the hairstyle will look completely messy. You can try this styling method by leaving lot of gap in between the first drying process. Using blow dryer on daily basis can damage the hair severely, so  try to avoid it.
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First wash the hair before conditioning it and add a serum all over your hair to prevent the heat from entering into the hair shaft. Create at least four parts in your hair and secure them with clips. Now pull out about 3 inch hair section and brush them using your fingers. Try to blow dry the hair with medium heat from end to root of the hair. Now comb the hair towards downward using a paddle brush. Next use the blow dryer over the hair brush and try to move it in a same motion all over the hair section. After the hair section gets cool, try to use the blow dryer gently in a downward motion. Use the same method over other hair section and finally flip the hair ends either downward or upward to brush them with the round brush. Use a shining hairspray all over the hair and leave them to become dry without using a blow dryer.

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