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Styling Hair Extensions With Curl Clip


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Adding curl clip with your extensions is one of the simplest methods for making your hairstyle unique. This hairstyle has become a very popular way of styling the hair in recent times and most of the people try it. Try to use a flat iron for styling the hair in this way and make sure to use it very gently. You must also use the rollers with curl clip hair extensions before adding it along with the original hair. Another most important thing that must be done is using extensions that have been made of human hair for better result.
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First dampen the hair extension and make sure it becomes fully dry. Then brush the hair using a normal comb which has wide teeth and mist the entire hair with heat protectant hairspray. Now try to clip the hair extensions along with the natural hair. Next take the curling iron and try to keep the hair extension ends inside and close its handle to keep it in place. Move your curling iron around till the entire hair gets rolled up and keep it away from the scalp. After leaving the curling iron in your hair for about 5 seconds try to remove it gently. Mist the hair with little amount of hold spray and after the hair becomes cool try to brush it using your fingers. Avoid using too much of heat over the curl clip as it can melt leading to hair damage.

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