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Using Beeswax For Twisting Hair


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There are different types of twisted hairstyle worn by people all around the world and it can be achieved with different steps. One of the best way to create the twists in your hair in by using the beeswax. Beeswax is known to be the best product to create the twisted hairstyle as it can give more hold into the hair. Consult a hair specialist before purchasing the beeswax that is suitable for your hair type.
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Start the hairstyling by brushing your hair to make it free from the tangles. Then divide a section of hair which will be used for the twisting process. Make sure to separate about two equal amount of sub-sections in the hair and keep each of them in between the fingers for twisting them. After the twisting process keep both of the sub-section in your hands for twisting it together by coiling them around itself like spirals. After the reaching the end of your hair, try to add a small amount of wax in your hands and spread it into your twisted hair. If possible you can also melt the beeswax to make it easier for applying it over the hair. Avoid using too much of wax over the hair as it can make it sticky. Instead of using the wax at the end of your hair try to apply it all over the hair so it makes the hairstyle stay in place without spoiling the twists.

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