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Maintaining A Frizz Free Hair Wig


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Wearing synthetic wigs can give a temporary change in your look. As is made of synthetic fibers, there are chances that it can give a frizzy look after wearing it over your head. You must maintain it in a proper way so that the frizz stays in control. Treating the wig in a proper way can also help to make it stay in a perfect shape for a long time. It is important to keep the hair wig in a stand made specially for this purpose to maintain it without any frizz. Also avoid using any type of styling tools that produce heat as it can damage the wig permanently.
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To control the frizz in synthetic wig, comb the strands using the vented brush. Then add mild shampoo in a sink of water which will be used for merging the wig. Leave the hair wig in the water for 5 minutes which will help in taking the dirt out of the hair. Then rinse the wig gently using cold water and add a little amount of conditioner that is specially made for the wig. Rinse the wig once again to take the conditioner out and pat dry it gently using a normal towel. Make sure that the wig becomes completely dry and mist it with wig hairspray to keep the frizz away from it. Use the same vented brush that was used before for combing your wig and style it as per your desire.

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