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Creating Layers With Ponytail Method


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There are few techniques that are used to create layers in your hair and one of them is called as the ponytail method. This method can be very easy to do that can be used at home without any support. It is one of the unique way of creating layers in the hair without going to hair specialist. Here are few things that must be considered while creating this hairstyle than using any special tools.
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First comb the hair after washing it and make sure that there are no tangles present in the hair. Then bend your head to flip the hair over for brushing it in front of the head. Next take the entire hair in your hand to create the ponytail as per your desire and try to keep close to the forehead to achieve choppy look. You can keep the ponytail near to nape of your neck to create long layers in the hair. Use a simple elastic to keep the ponytail in place and maintain it in the middle of the ears. Try to cut the hair which comes out of the elastic in a completely straight manner and make sure it is cut in a proper way. After cutting the hair as per your wish take the elastic out of your hair and brush the hair straight using a normal comb. In case the hair layers look too long, use the same method to make it perfect.

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