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Using Tomato Juice On A Blond Hair


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There are different hair products used during the styling process to maintain the hair in its original structure. In case you want to maintain the blond hair in its natural shade, there is no need to go to a saloon as you can do this at home. Using a tomato juice on your hair can help to keep the blond color as it is. This method can be a perfect choice for your hair it changes into green very often due to chlorine water.
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To begin the process, prepare yourself as usual before taking a bath and take the tomato juice in a plastic cup along with you. Then apply the tomato juice all over the hair before washing the hair. Try to spread the juice into your hair sections and also the scalp using your hand. Leave the tomato juice on the hair for at least fifteen minutes which will help it to enter into the hair properly. Next you can wash the hair as usual and make sure that there is no juice left in your hair strands. Once the hair becomes completely clean, use a normal shampoo for washing it and try to apply a hair conditioner without fail. You must wash the hair with the shampoo that can provide moisture in your hair. You must only use a natural tomato juice for treating the hair in this manner and stay away from products that features mixture of tomato.

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