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Uneven Pixie Hairstyle


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The uneven pixie hairstyle will be created with techniques same as the standard pixie haircut, but it will have a uneven look. There are few people who want to make their pixie haircut unique and this method can help them to achieve it. The pixie cut must be done with extra care, so try to get help from a hair specialist. Then remaining hairstyling process can be done at home by just using hair mousse and your hands.
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It is easy to get the uneven look in a pixie hairstyle, first go to a hair specialist to get a proper pixie haircut and avoid doing this at home. The pixie cut must look perfect in order to get the uneven look. Next you can use a blow dryer for drying the hair after washing it. Then apply hair mousse all over the strands of your hair using the fingertips. Try to use the mousse on hair strands in sections and avoid putting pressure while using this styling product. Make your hair to fall on its own over the forehead as well as ears. Finally you must use a spray to mist the hair and style it as you like. Don’t put too much pressure while styling the hair in this way as will spoil the entire look. Using a hairspray over the hair after applying the mousse in also very important as it can maintain the messy look for a long time.

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