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Maintaining Old Wigs In A Perfect Condition


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A worn out hair wig can be very difficult to wear along with the natural hair. It is expensive to purchase a new wig for most of the people, so there are few steps that can be followed to maintain the wig in a proper way without making it look old. Keep the wig in a safer place after using it over the hair to keep it as new as possible.
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First wash the wig just like your original hair when it starts to look oily. But the washing process must be done only after few weeks after the first wash. Build up of dirt over the wig can make it look dull and make sure to follow a proper method while washing the hair along with the perfect styling product. Then comb your wig using a proper hair brush made specially to be used on the wig. You must also use a proper hairstyling product once the wig has been brushed completely. Use shinning product on the wig to make it look new and beautiful. In case you want to use heat for styling the wig, apply a hair gel that can prevent heat from entering into the wig. In case the wig starts to get frizz, try to cut it using a normal scissor to maintain it in a perfect shape. The final option is keeping the wig in a proper place if you are using it on special occasions.

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