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Time Limit For Straightening Hair


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Hair straightening has become a very popular choice for most of the women and it can be achieved with the help of flat irons. There are few things that must be considered while making the hair straight. Here are few things that must be considered while using the hair straightening tools and use the same method regularly to make the hair straight.
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Always use flat iron only on special occasions any applying it on your hair regularly can cause hair to fall. Don’t use the flat irons made of metal which are cheaper as they can be harmful to the hair and purchase ceramic flat iron for better as well as harmless results. Use a hair conditioner on your hair which can maintain the moisture before using the flat iron. There are also hairsprays that can be used on the hair before the straightening process. One of the best methods to be followed while making the hair straight is creating sections in your hair. Before using the flat iron on your hair pull the hair straight out with the help of a comb and avoid touching the root of your hair. Try to condition the hair after washing it as it can cause less damage to the hair. Eat food products that are rich in vitamin B and consume vegetables as well as fruits. Always wash the hair using dry shampoo which can help to maintain the natural oils on your scalp.

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