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Taking Care Of Green Turned Brown Hair


green brown hair green brown hair2
The most usual problem faced while coloring the brown hair is it can turn green in some areas. This normally happens when you try to use ash colors or other unique colors while coloring your hair. There are few things that must be used while coloring the brown hair to make it stay in its original color.
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Begin the styling by combing your entire hair and make four parts with two sections such as horizontally and vertically from one ear to another. Take one of the hair parts and secure the rest of them with hair clips. Now take two oz color in a bottle and mix two oz 10 volume developer. Wear hand gloves and start using the mixture over the hair section. Make sure to move along the hairline and other areas of your hair section with the help of your fingers. Try to color the hair from the top part after and in the same way apply the color on the bottom hair section. Now pull the parted hair section up and use the color over half inch part till the entire section gets saturated. Now you can the hair section that was secured earlier to use the same technique and do the same on the remain hair parts. After coloring the entire hair leave it for at least twenty minutes to make it settle on your hair and then use warm water for rinsing the hair before using a shampoo as well as conditioner.

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