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Scene Cut With Layers


scene layer hair scene layer hair2
Creating a scene haircut with layers can look like an emo hairstyle. In case you have a short hair try to purchase hair extensions which look like the scene hair with layers. If you are planning to create this hairstyle at home, just follow these simple steps. Adding hair extensions can be the best method to get this hairstyle as it can be easily used whenever you want to.
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scene layer hair5 scene layer hair6
First create a part in the hair as usual and take one side of your hair up to make another horizontal part over the ear. Now take two inch hair section over the parted hair and secure the left out hair on top of the head. Take the two inch section over the head in between the fingers and start cutting them using normal scissors. You must cut at least two inch thick hair and use the same way to cut the remaining part of your hair. Try to maintain the length of your hair about five inches and not more than that as it can spoil the look. If you want to add the hair extension, create a simple part from one of the ear to another and apply the glue over the hairline. Then press hair weft using your fingers over the hair root for just fifteen seconds to make it dry. Next make another part just over your first part and use the same method to add the hair extension.

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